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Tracy B. • Posted on 5/11/2022 • Depression

please pray for my daughter Phaedra and the spirit that vexes her to be removed and that she surrenders her heart to the Lord. She thinks her family is against her rather than for her and her son

JCFANS P. • Posted on 4/7/2017 • Depression

Prayer Request from Sis. Tenise:

Please lift Giana up in prayer. Giana is my cousin...age 13...Seems like she's going through some kind of depression. Her mom says she had to call the crisis hotline because Giana was thinking to hurt herself... Looking to God for direction. ð???ð??

Anonymous • Posted on 11/2/2016 • Depression

Urgent prayer for Tommy Carroll, he has a huge depression, seems hopeless- I am worried, he has lost faith in God and is barely communicating with anyone, has become completely hermetic. His father has been battling with alcohol abuse. Pray that the Lord fill Tommy with discernment and cast out depression

Sonia C. • Posted on 6/3/2016 • Depression

Please pray for healing from mental illness(schizophrenia) and deliverance from oppression and TMJ(nervous tic). To be able to go to Church, fast, pray, read the bible and serve the Lord, in peace without torment and anxiety or any hindrance , with indubitable direction and to serve the Lord.

Karen D. • Posted on 12/18/2015 • Depression

Please pray for April Due we are praying for healing in her body. The Dr says she has indometriosis and tubel blockage. Please keep my daughter before God in prayer. They want to do surgery but I know God is able to heal.

Anonymous • Posted on 8/12/2014 • Depression

Please pray for me, my name is Patricia from NYC, and my friend I have has various hardships within the last few months, lost , job, would like a companion to form a family and recently have been tormented by anxiety due to friendship quarrels. My faith and hope are deteriorating and crumbling. I would like prayer for my friends Giselle Penya whom i am having friendship problems with and Crystal nieves who seems to let her aggression and jealousy run rampant and uses it to start turmoil and gossip. The enemy has made me feel helpless, worthless and have nothing to look forward to.

Karen D. • Posted on 8/6/2014 • Depression

Depression trying to take over and praying for marriage.

nataki f. • Posted on 8/5/2014 • Depression

Hi saints i need prayer from the attack of the enemy i have bipolar and some times i am doing well and other times i am fighting with all i got and i have been fighting forgiving people that i no that have been doing things to make my life hell here on earth please keep me in prayer as well as matthew he has a growth that has been there for a long time need prayer on that as well i thank you for all you do
GOD Bless

Anonymous • Posted on 8/1/2014 • Depression

Pray for all the kidnapped children and adults. Pray for the battered women & abused children. Pray for the young girls who are subject to the barbaric female circumcision. Pray for those who are comatose, the cancer patients, & those who are suffering in their minds & bodies. Pray for those who are in pain 24/7. Pray for the fatherless, widows, & those in gangs. Pray that the babies wont be aborted but will be embraced and welcomed in love. Pray for all those involved in sex trade, child & kiddie porn, both the victim and victimizer.

JCFANS P. • Posted on 1/14/2014 • Depression

Request from Sis. Lynette:

Please keep my nephew Bro. Carl Sanders & Family lifted up in Prayer, that Jesus will be done
concerning them.. Thanks!