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Sheila B. • Posted on 4/3/2015 • General

Hello. Prayer warriors MY name is Sheila iam requesting prayer for MY family especially my grandson Charlie. This is the anniversary day that Charlie has gotten robbed and shot over a hat,phone. Which another gentleman was also shot BUT NOT so fortunate my prayers goes out to the Quinn family, who lost there son due to this senselessccrime. THANK YOU.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015: Thank you sincerely Please continue to pray for me sheila

Deleted User • Posted on 4/1/2015 • General

Young mother recently lost husband
-Comfort, financial break through.


Answer to Prayer

Lutrician J. • Posted on 4/1/2015 • General

Praise the Lord Saints. Just to give you an update. Two weeks ago I was diagnosed as being a chronic anemic. My hemoglobin was a 6 and it should be at least 12. I have a follow-up appointment today to get blood work to check my hemoglobin levels again. If my blood level has not increased I will be immediately admitted into the hospital for a blood transfusion. Please pray for me.

Anonymous • Posted on 3/31/2015 • Drug Abuse

I'm asking fir my church family to pray for both of my parents Duane Sarmago & Gloria Kelly. I ask that they both be found and that they lean on the Lord instead of ongoing drug abuse and that both of them be healed and delivered in Jesus name.

Sharon M. • Posted on 3/30/2015 • Petition

Lord I thank you for this broken heart.It's an awesome & humbling experience that is drawing me closer to you. I cannot eat, sleep, or move well because my heart hurts from all the pain. Father strengthen me as I repent of my sins & do my first works over again.I need a renewing in the spirit, so I could discern you sheep from the goats & the wolves in sheep's clothing. I needed to be broken, so you could send your fresh anointing. Make me over Lord and increase your POWER within me that I may live right & bring glory to your name. No FEAR! I'm moving forward in Jesus name.

Felicia W. • Posted on 3/30/2015 • Death

Mother Hollins in Seattle Washington is requesting prayer for her cousin's family Clydale Williams in North Carolina, Clydale's wife of 48 years passed away. Please keep our family in prayer thank you Felicia .

Felicia W. • Posted on 3/30/2015 • Crisis

My Sister Nina in Seattle , WA is requesting prayer for her childhood friend Julie Softly , Julie is in Icu with
pre pneumonia ..

JCFANS P. • Posted on 3/29/2015 • General

Prayer Request from Pastor Andrew:

Please keep my grandson Tristan lifted up in Prayer for healing. Thank you..

Toni D. • Posted on 3/25/2015 • General

Caleb Dowdell: Please pray for complete healing in my ears

Toni D. • Posted on 3/25/2015 • General

Please join with us in lifting up our dear friend Sarah Nunous and family who's father died on Monday.

Also, Tonja Walker for back issues,
Tracy Walker for blood pressure and diabetes
and Georgia Walker his wife for healing of cancer (stage 4)